Mayana Peak, San Carlos: Day-hike from Bacolod (easy trail)

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It’s been a while since I last blogged being busy with work and my studies. However, this recent trip we had is worth to share especially to those who love easy hiking and people who happen to be in Bacolod City and just like me, looking for a break by doing some adventure that could be done in 1 day.
Mayana Peak, located at Sitio Puno, is a perfect place for time-constrained travelers or even for some weary locals who would like to take a break from the buzzing city and find serenity with nature. Coming from Bacolod City (Capital, Negros Province), it is approximately two hours by bus via
Don Salvador 

Getting there:

*From Bacolod South Bus terminal, take the bus heading towards San Carlos via Don Salvador.
*Tell the conductor that you are heading towards Mayana Peak
              o   Regular fare: 120 Php     o  Student fare: 100 Php
*Alight at Mayana Peak's bus stop (look for the signage as your guide).
*Hire a habal-habal (Motorcycle ride) to take you up to the base of Mayana (10-15 minutes)
*Some are adventurous enough to walk from the bus stop all the way up to the peak which saved them from paying habal-habal cost but this might take you more or less 45 minutes to reach the peak.
*At the base of Mayana, Register your details and take a local guide (payment in kind). There is no entrance fee nor environmental fee so be responsible enough to take care of your disposals if any.
The trail up to the peak is very easy and would take about 15 minutes to finish. The only instance it will take you longer to hike is feasting upon the beautiful scenery and taking photos.
An amazing view while going up the mountains.
When you reach the peak, you will find a view deck where you can rest, drink a cup of coffee, and enjoy the marvelous view.
From there you can play around taking dare-devil pictures. However, always practice caution in doing these photos.
There, you can also find a monolith that you can easily climb up to. Usually, they place a wooden ladder for you to climb safely and just remove it when you're about to take a picture.
We stayed at the viewing deck for quite a while to rest, bond, and enjoy the view. The best time to go here is early in the morning so that the heat of the sun tolerable. Regardless, the cold breeze is perfect to even the temperature when you're up there beneath the sun.
A few hours later, around 11am we went down for lunch. Although there are no food or restaurants at mayana peak, there are many places to eat nearby the bus stop.
We ate at julia's as recommended by our habal-habal driver because it has a beautiful view while dining in. It is located just along the high-way a few meters away from the bus stop.
I may not consider the food exceptional but it was good enough to reenergize us and true enough the place is nice and clean, just what we needed after exhausting ourselves in hiking.
So, for this trip, I actually spent less than 1,000 Php and just a little more above 500 Php because I spent some on local food and snacks along the way.
Here's a quick summary of necessary costs for this trip's budget:

  1. Bus Fare: 100-120 Php (one-way)
  2. Habal-Habal: 150 per person
  3. Lunch: 200-300 per person
  4. Local Guide: in kind

Happy Travels! :)

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