What's there in Negros Island: Don Salvador Benedicto

Rice terraces, rich forest, marvelous view of mountains, and the fresh scent of pine are some of the reasons why this quaint town of Don Salvador Benedicto was dubbed "Little Baguio" of Negros. The Eco-tourism highway of Negros Occidental successfully played its part in revealing the beauty of nature that will surely feed your wanderlust while on the road. Should you be in a group, try renting a car/van so you'll have the luxury of stopping at picturesque places along your way. Moreover, if you think that chocolate hills are only found in bohol then think again, because you can also find them here on your way further to San Carlos City.
Don Salvador Benedicto is an hour away from Bacolod City heading toward the center of Negros, facing the north side of Mt. Kanlaon. This scenic town is a perfect weekend getaway to unwind from the hectic city life. Also, If you're visiting Bacolod for a couple of days and would like to spice up your journey with some nature escapade, a day-tour at Don Salvador Benedicto is very feasible.

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