Top attractions in CDO and Camiguin you should not miss!

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Planning to have a weekend adventure? Consider CDO-Camiguin for your itinerary!
Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is one of the major cities in northern mindanao. Highly urbanized and strategically located near Bukidnon and Camiguin. 
Camiguin on the hand, is a Island of paradise, born of fire as they say, but technically because the island is made up of seven volcanoes! Majestic as it may seem but History had witness both beauty and horror of what it is to be an Island composed of these mighty volcanoes.
Coming from manila, you'll have an hour and a half flight directly to CDO. The airport is a bit far from the city (1 hour) but don't worry if you haven't made some carpool arrangements, you can ride a tourist-van outside the airport to bring you to the city. One-way fare will cost you around 200 PHP per pax.
Laguindingan Airport
CDO is famously known for the white-water-rafting adventure! And as the saying goes "save the best for last", we reserved this activity for our last day and headed our way to Camiguin; An island across to balingoan that can reach by an hour ferry (Roro) ride.

If you plan to do a day-tour in Camiguin, take the earliest trip so you will be able to utilize the whole day traveling the island. In our case, we took a van from Agora Terminal, CDO to Balingoan Port at 5am for 120 PHP per pax. Then, we were able to catch the 8am trip from Balingoan to Benoni, arriving at Camiguin around 9am. The fare for the ferry was 170 PHP plus you'll have to pay some fees such as terminal fee (15 PHP) and environmental fee (2 PHP). 
*I'm not sure on how can you avail the half haha
Upon arrival, we rented a jeepney to tour us around the island. There are so many places to see in Camiguin; From hot springs, ice-cold waterfalls, historical sights, diving spots, to awe-inspiring beaches! You may not be able to finish them all in one-day, so here are my top 3 recommendations inorder for you not to waste so much time traveling the road.

1. White-Island
Absolutely Breathtaking! The scenery from this sand bar, having a panoramic view of Mt. Hibok-Hibok along side Mt. Vulcan, is just stunning! And obviously, it is the best place for you to have that perfect instagram post. :)
Note the following fees you'll have to pay to get to here:
2. Tuasan falls
One of the easiest falls you can go to! You don't have to climb or trek for long-hours (I know for nature entusiast this could be a bummer but could really save you so much time and effort if you're only visiting this island for a day) and you can reach the falls with just a few steps from the parking lot. Nevertheless, the falls was fun and very refreshing.
3. Sunken Cemetery
You have to visit this historic landmark in Camiguin. Brought by the volcanic nature of the island, some areas in the town of Bon-bon sunk under water including this cemetery. They erected a huge cross on top of it to commemorate this significant turn of event.
CDO: Whitewater Rafting
The next day (Sunday), Back in CDO, it's time for us to do white-water rafting. There are three tracks for you to choose from; Beginners, Advance, and Extreme. The number of rapids you're going to have will depend on the difficulty you choose and so is the price. The activity usually last for 2-3 hours.
Since we were first-timers, we decided to play it safe at the beginners level and save more for only 700 PHP (other levels will cost you 1200+). Having a good rate/deal will also depend on what season you're visiting CDO. Like to our advantage since we visited during dry season and the water is not that strong, they upgraded our route to the advance course with no extra charges.
Not bad after-all and we managed to stay alive. Still, it's not for the faint-heated but definitely an experience one should have in his lifetime. (Check our white water rafting video on top if you'll consider the water as "not strong" too).
Happy Travels!

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