Top attractions in CDO and Camiguin you should not miss!

Planning to have a weekend adventure? Consider CDO-Camiguin for your itinerary!
Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is one of the major cities in northern mindanao. Highly urbanized and strategically located near Bukidnon and Camiguin. 
Camiguin on the hand, is a Island of paradise, born of fire as they say, but technically because the island is made up of seven volcanoes! Majestic as it may seem but History had witness both beauty and horror of what it is to be an Island composed of these mighty volcanoes.
Coming from manila, you'll have an hour and a half flight directly to CDO. The airport is a bit far from the city (1 hour) but don't worry if you haven't made some carpool arrangements, you can ride a tourist-van outside the airport to bring you to the city. One-way fare will cost you around 200 PHP per pax.

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