Sugar Beach

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Sugar beach in Sipalay, Negros Occidental is a 3-4 hours drive from Bacolod City and 6 hours by Bus. A charming destination where one may find it tranquil and relaxing more than other mainstream beaches in the Philippines. It is not congested with tourist and you'll even find less on weekdays contributing more to its "unspoiled" charm. Likewise, it can compete with other beaches for its fine white sands and mouth-watering cuisines.
In order to get here, one may take a Bus from Bacolod City South Terminal heading towards Hinobaan. Tell the conductor you are heading to sugar beach and have to alight at Gil Montilla Public Market. This is where you'll ride a Motorcycle/Tricycle to bring you at the dock. The famous landmarks for you to look out are the Government Center of Sipalay and Gil Montilla National High School.

The dock is about 5 Km away from the Highway. There, you may choose to ride a either a pump-boat for 300 PHP each (one-way and will take you 5-10 minutes) or do a paddle boat for only 10 PHP per person (will take you 15-20 minutes to reach the beach). 
At the beach, there are various resorts in a row to choose from. In our case, we stayed at Driftwood Village who fortunately responded with our last minute reservations. A perfect place for budget travelers and those who like quiet. 
In terms of accommodation, the budget range in the island is 2,000-3,000 PHP per room for 4-6pax. There are also backpackers' bed-space like Big Bamboo Resort who offers 300 PHP per head a night. Meals are a bit pricey since commodities here are transported by boat adding up to the cost. On average, you may find 200 PHP per single serve meal. Otherwise, you may opt to pay corkage of 400 PHP per day and bring you own food (a practical option for large groups). 
It is a tropical paradise; Unspoiled and Authentic beauty of Nature. A Chocolate-Hills-like scenery and a white-sand shore as if you were hitting two wonderful destination in a single escapade. Getting tired of those sea-weeds? Here there is none! The beach is made out of purely sand that you may enjoy walking deep enough in barefoot and without having to worry if a jellyfish might sting you because there is none. 
And most of all, a beach will never be complete without a remarkable sunset. It is simply breathtaking and humbling to witness the colorful sunset here over the calm ocean.
Truly, Life is sweet in Negros Island.. and even sweeter at Sugar Beach, Sipalay.

Happy Travels!

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