Mag-Aso and Sipalay for 2D1N (2,000 PHP)

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2 of the most beautiful destination Negros Island has to offer is the enchanting Mag-Aso falls of Kabankalan and the serene white sand beach of Sipalay!
In this article I'll share to you how we explored these two must-go destinations in Negros with only 2,000 pesos in our pocket!

Both are located south of Negros Occidental. Coming from Bacolod City, one may commute by Bus at Bacolod Ceres-South Bus Terminal for 2-3 hours to each destinations. You may opt to take an ordinary bus which is cheaper or an air-conditioned bus with some premium on the cost.
First, We head our way to Mag-aso falls which is closer to Bacolod. Bus fare is now 129 PHP (non-aircon) brought about the price hike. 
Read: Click here to know more about Mag-Aso Falls of Kabankalan.
Coming from Mag-Aso Falls, we were able to arranged with the tricycle driver to drive us back to Kabankal Bus Terminal for 50 PHP per person (5 pax). From there, take the bus towards Hinoba-an and tell the conductor that you will alight at Sipalay City Terminal. Bus fare from Kabankalan to Sipalay is 105 PHP (non-aircon). From the terminal, hire a Tricycle that will take you to the beach front of Sipalay. Usual price here is 100 PHP per person and maximum number of person per tricycle is 3 due to the steepness of the road heading up to the beach.
For you to avoid unnecessary entrance fees just ask the driver to drop you off at Artistic Diving Resort. From there you may enter the beach front for free. You may also have the option to stay at Artistic Diving (a bit costly) or select other affordable resorts as you stroll your way along the beach which is actually a series of resorts in a row; most likely that in Boracay.
We found our accommodation beside Megan Store & Lodging House. Shame that I forgot the name of the place but it's like a two-storey House where we managed to get a good deal after some occupants for that day did not show up and we assumed their reservations. We do however, had our boat ride for Island hopping scheduled at Megan's. The rent per boat is only 600 PHP for 2 hours Island tour.
We had a sumptuous dinner at Artistic Diving and got a little bit tipsy that night. Then we made ourselves ready for our Island adventure at 6 in the morning of the next day.
In all fairness, Sipalay's got the best of both worlds for different kinds of beach enthusiast. If you're like a beach party animal, Sipalay could be your wild and care-free destination with friends. On the other hand, for those who like peaceful beach and serenity, Sipalay has that calm water and relaxing ambiance to comfort you. 
What I like the most about Sipalay's tranquil beach unlike any other mainstream beach in the Philippines, is the wide coral reef just a few meters from the shore! - You can just snorkel or better yet dive into! It is very enticing and exciting to dive! It is even dubbed as the disneyland for scubba divers.
The best time to visit this wonder of the ocean is probably April. By this time of summer, the white jelly fish (not very sure about their name but they're those kind of Jelly Fish that doesn't sting! Even if you touch their tentacles) joins in and swim along with  various school of fish!
During our Island Hopping, we decided to stay short in every stops, just enough time to have our pictures taken and we allocated more time to diving and snorkeling. They have snorkeling gears available but this will have additional charge to your boat rent.
A few points upon leaving the Sipalay. NO. 1 - Leave no Trash behind! haha :) next, take the exit from which you enter (Artistic) to avoid unnecessary exit fees. Look for a tricycle to bring you back to Sipalay Terminal for 100 PHP per person (lesser the better). And, from the terminal you may have the option to take a van or ceres bus back to Bacolod or any onward destination you may go. ;) 
... On our way back we took the air-conditioned Ceres straight to bacolod for 253 PHP. Travel time is about 5 to 6 hours.

In summary, you can use the following Itinerary as reference:
Mag-Aso + Sipalay
5 pax | 2 Days and 1 Night
6:00 AM
ETD for Kabankalan
9:00 AM
ETA at Mag-Aso Falls
Tricycle to Mag-Aso from Brgy. Oringao
Entrance Fee
*Bring food because stores here sells only for snacks
12:00 PM
ETD to Kabankalan Terminal
12:30 PM
ETA at Kabankalan Terminal
1:00 PM
ETD to Sipalay Terminal
4:00 PM
ETA at Sipalay Terminal/Market
*You can buy all necessities here
4:30 PM
ETD to Sipalay Beach
5:00 PM
ETA at Sipalay Beach
Book for Island Tour (600/5; Deposit 50%)
7:00 PM
9:00 PM
Free Time

End of Day 1

5:00 AM
Wake up Call
5:30 AM
Light Breakfast
6:00 AM
Start of Island hopping
8:00 AM
Back to Island
10:00 AM
Check Out
ETD to Sipalay Terminal
11:00 AM
ETD to Bacolod

End of Day 2

Estimated Cost of Travel

Happy Travels!

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