Lakawon Island

11:32 PM

L  A  K  A  W  O  N
Fine White Sand Beach! A tranquil location not congested with tourist! Lakawon Island is a perfect place for an escape from the buzzing city life, a fun get away with friends, or to genuinely experience summer fun!
Lakawon is an islet situated across Cadiz, Negros Island. In order to get here one may ride a bus from Bacolod North Bound Ceres Terminal via Cadiz or San Carlos for 55 Php. (One way). It will only take you less than 2 hours to travel from Bacolod to Cadiz. Just tell the conductor that you are heading towards lakawon so they can assist you when to alight. 
At the bus stop of Cadiz, ride a motorcycle to take you to the dock for lakawon. From there, you'll have to pay for the entrance fee for the island and the pumpboat to be used to cross. The motorcycle ride will cost about 20 Php. and take you about 5 mins. to get to the dock then from the dock it will take you about 15 mins. to get to the island.
The following are Island Rates that you should be aware of:
Terminal Fee = 20 Php per person
Entrance Fee = 100 Php per person
Round Trip - Boat Rides:
1 - 4 Pax = 1,000 Php
5 - 7  Pax = 1,200 Php
8 - 10 pax = 1.500 Php
Sheds' Rate:
Umbrella Hut = 500 Php
Open Cottages (day time) = 1,000 Php
Tropical Bamboo Houses (Overnight) = 1,800 Php

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