Backpacking Boracay

One of our most spontaneous trip for this year is our trip to Boracay; an overnight plan! It was a long weekend and we were contemplating on where to practically spend the holidays without sacrificing the fun! - And what could be more fun than spending the weekend and experiencing Halloween in Boracay?

Sugar Beach

Sugar beach in Sipalay, Negros Occidental is a 3-4 hours drive from Bacolod City and 6 hours by Bus. A charming destination where one may find it tranquil and relaxing more than other mainstream beaches in the Philippines. It is not congested with tourist and you'll even find less on weekdays contributing more to its "unspoiled" charm. Likewise, it can compete with other beaches for its fine white sands and mouth-watering cuisines.
In order to get here, one may take a Bus from Bacolod City South Terminal heading towards Hinobaan. Tell the conductor you are heading to sugar beach and have to alight at Gil Montilla Public Market. This is where you'll ride a Motorcycle/Tricycle to bring you at the dock. The famous landmarks for you to look out are the Government Center of Sipalay and Gil Montilla National High School.

Mag-Aso and Sipalay for 2D1N (2,000 PHP)

2 of the most beautiful destination Negros Island has to offer is the enchanting Mag-Aso falls of Kabankalan and the serene white sand beach of Sipalay!
In this article I'll share to you how we explored these two must-go destinations in Negros with only 2,000 pesos in our pocket!

Both are located south of Negros Occidental. Coming from Bacolod City, one may commute by Bus at Bacolod Ceres-South Bus Terminal for 2-3 hours to each destinations. You may opt to take an ordinary bus which is cheaper or an air-conditioned bus with some premium on the cost.

La Union

STOKE! at La Union
Suddenly I felt like a real surfer - seeing those huge waves, learning suffering jargon, and riding a surfboard for the first time! haha of course, there's a quite number of fails before I caught my first wave; I'm not even close to a rookie! LOL But! The feeling of riding those waves is so rewarding to the soul, especially if you've been dreaming of it since the first time you saw it on TV or any media.

Lakawon Island

L  A  K  A  W  O  N
Fine White Sand Beach! A tranquil location not congested with tourist! Lakawon Island is a perfect place for an escape from the buzzing city life, a fun get away with friends, or to genuinely experience summer fun!

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