Bacolod MassKara!

3:34 AM

MassKara festival comes to life during the downfall of the sugar industry in the province. Now it stands to be a symbol of the Bacolodnon's optimistic spirit and a reminder that every smile is very contagious to uplift the spirit.
Watch the video and find the reason why you shouldn't miss MassKara Festival in Bacolod every October!
Enjoy dancing in the streets with vibrant MassKara Dancers, Friends, and Family!

The Festival is held every October 1st to 19th. The highlight of the event is during the weekend before the 19th; The charter day of Bacolod City.

The most famous attraction is the Street dance Parade where dancers dressed up with colorful costumes and extravagant masks! 

Considered to be the Mardi Gras of the Philippines, this festival is all about party that can be enjoyed by all ages, with friends or with family! It's about having fun and dance, all day and all night! 

And as dark comes to the skies, the city is enlighten with party lights along Lacson Street and Electric MassKara Dancers! 

Electric MassKara is a dance parade during the weekend before the 19th of October. A dance parade sophisticated with lights and party vibe on the street! It starts from the Plaza all the way to Lacson Street; the longest street in Bacolod where kiosks and party stage are placed.

Happy Travels! Enjoy MassKara Festival!

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