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August 7, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! One of the great countries in Asia, A first world country, and a very well-esteemed economy! Singapore has really outdone itself and placed an impeccable name in world history. Living here for 2 years and being a part of this country even for a short period of time is truly an honor and a grateful experience. So  as a tribute, the following readings on this page will be all about Singapore, Experiences, and learning I had in the country.
That Famous Landmarks
To start with, lets take a little tour in the modern day Singapore City! 
Probably one the most famous landmarks in the country and could be seen on most social media post or tourist photographs is the Marina bay with the Merlion and Sands hotel. Truly fascinating sites that exhibits outstanding architecture and artistry of man.
Getting here is very easy because of the very convenient modes of transportation. One can either use the Bus, Taxi, or MRT (Train). Taxi could be really be expensive in Singapore so as a personal preference I always take MRT. Buses are plenty and cheaper but it may take some time and a lot of routes to pass by. However, if you're very familiar with the routes of the bus as presented on every bus stops, it could be an advantage for you to take the bus. Otherwise, if you're a tourist and new to the routes, I suggest lets start with MRT that is more easy to comprehend for first timers. It is also advisable to download the offline apps such as "SG railways" to guide you with the MRT map, number of stops you have to go through, and platform transfers.
Now back to Marina bay, if one would like to go straight to Merlion, one may alight at Raffles Place Station and take a short walk to the Merlion from Exit H of the MRT station. Here you'll pass by Fullerton Hotel, so whenever you're not sure where you are, just look for Fullerton hotel or simply ask anybody about directions to Merlion (Enlgish is prominent so getting lost in the city is a piece of cake).
If you opt to go to the Marina bay Sands hotel or at the shoppes at Marina bay sands, you could use the DT (Downtown) lane of MRT and alight at Bayfront station, here you'll exit at the mall itself.
Stunning as it is by day, for me it is more remarkable at night! Just be prepared with your feet because its a long walk for a leisure-sight-seeing kind of walk. With all the lights, this place will surely make you excited! Every night they showcase a water-and-lights show outside the shoppes at marina bay that will bring out the child in you. 
Beside the mall you'll see the famous Art-Science Museum that marks a futuristic Architecture and the Helix bridge that glows in spiral at night! A picture perfect scenery for photo enthusiast!
Gardens by the Bay

Behind the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is the Gardens by the Bay. Kudos to Singapore for making and keeping it a green city! 
the Gardens by the bay is one of the astonishing landmarks in the city. It gives that feeling of being in a garden of an another planet. 
The garden is open for public except for those inside conservatories or domes that has an entrance fee. Nevertheless, the garden is a perfect place for recreation for all ages, singles, couples, or families. It is a perfect place to appreciate nature and modern day green-friendly architecture. 
At the far end of the garden you'll arrive at a hawkers place or a food-court that will satisfy your hungry stomach and feast your eyes with a beautiful scenery. Further south, is a wide lawn for everybody to lounge, do picnic, and play kites while having a scenic view of the entire Marina bay.
To get there, just take the exit from the casino of the mall. 
There, you will find an elevator that leads you to a bridge going through Marina Bay Sands all the way to the garden.
(From the Shoppes towards Sands Hotel)
(Inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel)
(Outside Sands Hotel towards Gardens by the bay)
One should never miss going up to those tree-towers that looks like trees from another planet. If you see the Avatar Movie (those blue people) you'll definitely say its like entering their world! 
Chill out at the Super Tree bar, go outside their roof deck, have a glass of wine and marvel on the cityscape view on top.
Before I wrap this up, I wanna share to you a little about my job in Singapore. Touring the country may be a long stroll and could be very tiring to our feet. This is where I came in! The foot doctor ;) haha. Okay, I'm not literally a doctor alright, a surgeon, podiatrist, or so but I am a Specialist in Orthotics. We make arch-supports for both comfort and solutions to foot-problems. A job that gave me the knowledge and skills which helped me even today; I'm using Orthotics to give my feet the stamina it needs when I travel!
I've learned that even our left and right feet are born with Imperfections and if we over use them, this will aggravate the asymptomatic problems and would rise the painful dilemma that most people suffer. These are Arch problems such as Flat foot, Pronation/Supination, or High-Arch. Some who are already aware of it do precautionary supports and benefit with it on the long run. Some already having the problem are doing the support to cure or at least minimize the problem gradually. 

That's it for now folks! thanks for reading. Will continue sharing thoughts and my experiences next time! Any questions/comments/or suggestions feel free to pop a message below! ;) 
Happy Travels!

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