Breathtaking Ilocos Norte

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Bangui Wind Farm
One of the most memorable travels I had in the Philippines is my trip to Ilocos Norte. At the tip of North Luzon, We've just landed our feet at the very forehead of the head-shaped Island of the Phlippines!
Aside from being the domicile and Birthplace to the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Ilocos Norte is a true gem of the north for its captivating  and awe-inspiring Landscapes, Scenery, and World-class tourist attractions! - There is just so many things you can do in this province! may you be a conventional tourist, adventurer, or a nature enthusiast!

Probably one of the most-famous landmarks in the area is the Bangui Wind Farm! A Project during the Marcos administration to create sustainable power thru wind turbines. It was the first wind farm built in south-east Asia which promotes clean energy and tourism at the same time! 
Seeing these mega-structures even on the road going to the shores already amazes me. At the very site, it was very beautiful to see these wind turbines in a row fronting the very blue seas of the shore. Again, I was tempted to dip in/walk by the water however people warned me about the strong current in the area and It was really scary to try but so inviting!

Kapurpurawan White-Rock Formation

On the nature side, one may consider this the most precious gem of the Philippines! The Kapurpurawan Rock formations! A sculpted masterpiece of nature, formed thru years by forces of weather and the ocean! Truly Astonishing that I was left speechless in describing this gem! 
To look in a picture is already amazing, to step into it is a very fine moment to the soul, nature, and the creator!
Getting to this site is also very interesting. Since no vehicle can directly drop you to this point, you'll have to walk for about 20 mins from the drop off point. There you can have the option to ride a horse which we did to get to the rock formations. 
An Epic experience I must say! - with you riding a horse, the blissful wind on your face, the stunning blue sea at sight, and the magnificent white rocks at arms-reach!  

Welcome to Pagudpud! 

Traveling in the north wouldn't be a boring road. Just take a look of this famous road in Pagudpud Ilocos norte. A beautiful scenery when you travel, the mountain on one side and the west Philippine sea on the other side. 
Of course, Ilocos Norte won't be the last in the list of beautiful beaches in the country. It exhibits some of thes and strong waves; ideal for surfers out there! most fine white sand beaches in the Philippines with clear water

Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes

Now let's talk about extremes! Another adrenaline pumping activity in the province is the Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes! Here you'll experience the ride of your life in the deserts of Ilocos and do sand boarding like you're in the middle east! - What's amazing about the Philippines, is that it allows you to travel the world just by traveling these 7,107 Islands! each province, each region, and each Island has its unique characteristics and some depicts those of other country's History, Natural Setting, or Culture Influences.
Speaking of History, Ilocos Norte is also very rich in History. Just take a look of this centuries old Paoay Church. Significant to Filipino History, very evident that it has been through a lot but still, so beautifully preserved!

The Parish was founded by Augustinian Missionaries in 1593 and the cornerstone of church was laid in 1704, the convent on 1707, and the Tower on 1793. It was damaged by earthquake in 1706 and 1927. The Tower of the church was also used as an observation post by Katipuneros during the Revolution and by Guerrilleros during the Japanese Occupation.

Little Malacañang of the North

A Beautiful House with wide balcony and backyard having a scenic view of the Paoay Lake.

Today it is a Museum that exhibits the lavish life of the Marcoses during their regime. It used to be a vacation house and Official residence for the Marcos Family in Ilocos Norte and catered some meetings of the president during summer.

In Ilocos also lays the very body of President Marcos, preserved in the Marcos Museum in Batac, Ilocos Norte.

It is open for public viewing but photographs or even cellphones are strictly prohibited inside.

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