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August 7, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Singapore! One of the great countries in Asia, A first world country, and a very well-esteemed economy! Singapore has really outdone itself and placed an impeccable name in world history. Living here for 2 years and being a part of this country even for a short period of time is truly an honor and a grateful experience. So  as a tribute, the following readings on this page will be all about Singapore, Experiences, and learning I had in the country.

Breathtaking Ilocos Norte

Bangui Wind Farm
One of the most memorable travels I had in the Philippines is my trip to Ilocos Norte. At the tip of North Luzon, We've just landed our feet at the very forehead of the head-shaped Island of the Phlippines!
Aside from being the domicile and Birthplace to the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Ilocos Norte is a true gem of the north for its captivating  and awe-inspiring Landscapes, Scenery, and World-class tourist attractions! - There is just so many things you can do in this province! may you be a conventional tourist, adventurer, or a nature enthusiast!

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