Malalison, Picture Perfrect Paradise!

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Rolling Hills of Malalison
Malalison, located off the coast of Culasi, Antique, Panay is an Island flourishing with perfect landscapes, fine white sand beaches and a Crystal clear blue water!
From the town proper of Culasi, you may coordinate with the Barangay/tourism office there to rent a boat to cross the island. They have pumpboats waiting at the bay-walk and from there it will take you about 15-20 minutes to reach Malalison Island.
Apart from its esteemed scenery, what makes this Island specially is their beautiful community. Malalison or Mararison as some locals pronounced the word is actually a barangay Island in antique. It is amazing how they maintain the beauty of the Island, unspoiled despite of the influx of tourist day by day; People are disciplined and kind to nature, qualities that each one of us should practice.
Upon arrival at the Island, you'll jump into the idea of diving towards its inviting waters! Just be reminded that some areas are immediately too deep to reach so be careful! 
With regards to the accommodation at the beach/island, it is more like cottages and tents. There are no resorts nor hotels, more like a picnic at the undeveloped-and-unspoiled-beach kind of adventure. So for those who want to spend a night in the Island you may choose to bring your own tent, or opt for a home-stay accommodation in the nearby community.
Climbing the Rolling Hills of Malalison
Breathtaking! Malalison is one of the first beautiful hills I've ever climbed! Trekking towards the top of the hill is simply awe-inspiring like I can't stop saying "WOW!", it's like "Where have I've been all my life? this paradise is just an Island away from my home Island! It is in my Country!". Even by just looking at the pictures, I can recall the feeling of Excitement, Adrenaline, and Heartbeat! 
Every sides, every angle is a picture perfect scenery! Not to mention the sunset and sunrise! This place is mind blowing that will really make you humble yourself, appreciate nature and the creator.
The trek is about 20 minutes however due to series of picture takings it almost took us about an hour to reach the top!
The most amazing feeling is pushing yourself to reach the top! Climbing hills/mountains might be long and exhausting but it teaches us a very valuable lessons in life, to keep moving forward and never give up! Always be reminded to reach a beautiful state/place is never easy, and if you give up, you'll never know what's waiting for your at the top!
Here are some raw video clips from our trip that I managed to compile: 

Happy Travels! :)

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