Macau, Vegas of Asia

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A former colony of Portugal, Macau/Macao is one of the earliest European colony in Asian where you can find Influences of European architecture and culture that is well preserved until today.
Coming from Hong Kong, Macau is an hour and a half boat ride from Hong Kong Ferry Terminal near Tsim Sha Tsui.  Ferry ride would cost about 330 HKD back and forth.

Aside from taking a boat other ways to get here is by plane; which most tourist nowadays use Macau as an entry point before heading towards Hong Kong. 
Upon arrival at Macau ferry terminal everybody will have to pass by their immigration. Make sure you have all your immigration/travel documents ready when you go here.
With regards to currency, you can still use your Hong Kong dollars here but most likely your change will be in Macau money. On the other hand, when you go back to Hong Kong you can't use Macau currency for your transactions.
Ruins Of Saint Paul
One of the most famous site and a must visit place in Macau is the Ruins of Saint Paul!
Located near Senado Square, it was destroyed by a fire in the early 1800s, leaving the facade of the church as a remarkable tourist attraction.
The Senado Square is another landmark the tourist flock into. Going through the old city of Macau will convince yourself you're in Europe, only that the inhabitants are mostly Chinese.

Another word that Macau is famous about is Gambling! People all over the world go here for this very purpose!

Macau is known to be the Las Vegas of the East. Casinos and hotels are sprouting all over the island that made Macau an entertainment destination and leveled up the cost of living parallel to that of europe.
Most Casinos in the area offer a FREE City bus tour of Macau. It brings you from one Casino to another and even give trips to Airport or Ferry Terminals. - So if you want a free ride in the city just look for those buses with a casino logo on and hitch a ride!

The Venetian

The Venetian Macau is another must visit! Grandiose casino hotel with its interior and landscape architecture. 
Inside the hotel, there is a mall where you can find an artificial river for gondola rides. It is really astonishing to see where even the ceiling looks like you were outside and will really convince you're in venice!

I paid 292 HKD for two persons in the gondola ride, so about 100+HKD for one person.

Conversion Rates:
1 HKD >/= 5 PHP
1 USD >/= 45 PHP

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