Macau, Vegas of Asia

A former colony of Portugal, Macau/Macao is one of the earliest European colony in Asian where you can find Influences of European architecture and culture that is well preserved until today.
Coming from Hong Kong, Macau is an hour and a half boat ride from Hong Kong Ferry Terminal near Tsim Sha Tsui.  Ferry ride would cost about 330 HKD back and forth.

Bucari Pine Tree Forest

Bucari Pine Forest is a campsite located at Sitio Tabionan, Leon, Panay Island. Unlike Baguio that's pretty congested with tourist, Bucari is the Best alternative for Nature Enthusiats!
Unspoiled, peaceful, and relaxing are only few words to describe this place. It is a cool escape from the city and for you to witness the magnificence of nature from a birds-eye view. Trekking to the top might be exhausting but it is all worth it!

Chiang Mai, The Rose of the North

A capital city in Northern Thailand but has that provincial vibe making the City very attractive and cozy.
Thai culture is very evident in this beautiful City! There are even tours available for you to visit ancient tribes that inhibit the lands until today. What amazes me the most here is the bond that people share with the elephants which distinctively imaged Thailand from other Asian countries.

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