Osmeña Peak and Canyoneering to Kawasan Falls

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June 12-14: Long Weekend Activity
(Philippine Independence Day)
  1. Trekking at Osmeña Peak
  2. Canyoneering downstream to Kawasan falls.
Osmeña Peak, located at Dalaguet (Da-la-Get), is the highest point in Cebu standing at 1,072.6 meters above sea level.
Inorder to get here, one may take a bus from Cebu South Bus-Termial heading towards Oslob or Bato.
We took an ordinary bus heading towards Oslob because the queue for a Ceres bus was very long due to the holidays. So if you're planning to do this on a holiday or a long weekend, better arrive at the terminal 1-2 hours ahead of your departure time. 
Ordinary bus going to Dalaguete cost around 100 Php and will take you about 2 to 3 hours time. From there, take a motorcycle for hire or Habal-habal, as locals term it, and negotiate with the driver for a round-trip to Osmeña peak. Normally it will cost you about 200 Php per person and will take about an hour or two to get to base of Osmeña.
Don't worry on where to find Habal-habal because normally they will find you the moment you alight the bus. In our case, we contracted the first driver that approached us to take us to Osmeña then drive us to Kawasan Falls instead of going back to Dalaguete. We closed the deal for 400 Php per person and we're a group of 5. Take note that bargaining skill matters here!
Few things to consider: 
  • On the way to Osmeña, you'll pass by Mantalungon Public Market. There, you can take your lunch and buy all necessities especially if you are planning  to do camp at the peak.
  • If you want to include Kawasan falls to your itinerary you may have the option to trek it from Osmeña for 4 hours. Or just like we did, ride a habal-habal for another 1-2 hours. 
At Kawasan you have many options on accommodation. The most convinient is the Matutinao beach resort - just in front of the entrance to kawasan falls, across the bus stop. Or you may ask the driver to drop you to the Municipal's beach resort - a bit far from Kawasan but it offers cheaper rates and cozy accommodation.
Unfortunately for us, it was a holiday and all mentioned resorts are fully booked, what's left for us was Casa Stella near Matutinao beach resort (few walks from the entrance of Kawasan falls). We felt a little bit spooky but then it added a pinch of spice to our adventure at kawasan.
We took our dinner at Matutinao Beach Resort early because we don't want to linger so much in our room especially when everbody started teasing each other about something supernatural. 
Over dinner we made transactions with Kawasan Canyoneering  who offer guides for the activity and got ourselves listed for a downstream canyoneering all the way to kawasan falls at 7 AM.
Matutinao Beach Resort | Kawasan Canyoneering. You can contact them at 09186544111/09189473667, check them on instagram @kawasancanyoneering or email at kawasancayoneering@gmail.com

Canyoneering Package includes:
  • Canyoneering Guides
  • Gears (life-jacket and helmet)
  • Habal-habal to jump off point
  • Dry bags
  • Snack
  • Lunch at Matutinao Beach Resort
  • Sports Camera  for rent (you have to provide your SD card or prepare a USB to copy file)
7 am, Start of our adventure!
The activity will commence by jumping off a 15-20 feet water fall. One must be willing to jump 10-20+ feet high in order to do this activity. Take note that once you started it, there's no turning back. Well, it is way harder to climb up the falls than jumping off isn't it? 
Rest assured the activity is safe, that's why you have to wear gears and need guides to do Canyoneering. 

Canyoneering Downstream to Kawasan Falls consist of jumping off a water fall (7 falls in total), Sliding on rocks, rock climbing, trekking, spelunking, and swimming or floating along the turquoise river all the way down to Kawasan Falls.

The adventure will last for 4 hours but you wouldn't really mind the time nor feel really tired because of the beautiful scenery and the exciting obstacles nature has in stored for you!

At the end, the mighty Kawasan Falls, this enchanting paradise, is waiting for you like a prize ready to be claimed.
Going back to City! Travel time back to Cebu city is about 3 hours and the interval of bus passing by the stop is every 30 minutes. 
 Bus stop is located at the entrance of Kawasan falls' entrance signage, beside the Town's Church and in front of Matutinao beach resort.
Want to know more about Cebu and things you can add up to this Itinerary? Check out Chasing Waterfalls to see amazing nearby destinations in south Cebu.
Happy Travels! 

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