Islas de Gigantes

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Islas de Gigantes (Island of Giants) is a paradise located at Carles, Estancia, Province of Ilo-Ilo. It is a group of beautiful Islands with each distinct features. What's great about this destination is that it is not congested with tourist, like you can have the whole island for yourself!
In this article, I'll share to you how we manage to explore Gigantes with a budget friendly price of 3,000 Php for 3 days and 2 nights!

Getting here from Ilo Ilo city is easy and will take you only about 4hours to travel. That's 2 hours of land trip to the port of estancia (you may either take a bus or a public/hired van) and from there, you'll have to take a pump boat for another 2 hours to Gigantes Islands towards Barangay Asluman. 
Now, if you're coming from Bacolod City, you may take a "roro" to Dumangas Port for 80 Php (This will take you an extra 2 hours of travel time), take a bus/van to estancia port, and from there, a pump boat to Gigantes Islands towards Barangay Asluman.
The Van/Bus to Estancia Port will cost you about 150 Php and the pumpboat to Gigantes Islands is about 80 Php (One Way). With regards to your flight to either of the cities, will depend to the airline of your choice.
The tricky part is, If you don't want to hire a private pumpboat and you just wanna ride the regular ride which is way affordable, you'll have to arrive at Estancia port not later than 12pm. There is only one trip (public pumpboat) going to Gigantes Island at noon and one trip from Gigantes going back to Estancia port in the morning. So manage your time well, otherwise you'll have to rent a pumpboat to take you to Gigantes (Convenient but will cost you more).
The pump boat will take yuo to barangay Asluman. Here you'll find many accommodations like backpackers inn, resorts, or you can even try home-accommodations for the locals. There are no hotels here as far as I know and the accommodations are not that fancy but it's descent. You'll get just right for what you pay.  
We stayed at Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn. Walk-in rates per bedspace is only 200 Php. No air-condition but you normally don't need one because it gets really cold here at night. Also be aware that electricity here is on ration and cellphone signals can only be found on a single area (up in the mountains) - Which I really like because there will be no distractions! Simple living, peaceful, and you can really spend much time with nature or with your travel buddies.
The inn offers tour packages! Normally for a group of 4, they offer 2,150 Php per person.
This include:
  • Island hopping tour
  • Light house tour
  • Caving
  • Tourist guides
  • Habal-habal ride
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (usually 5 meals: 2 dinner, lunch, 2 breakfast)
But, on our case we managed to modify our tour by basing the cost on per items.Which means you may choose what do you want to include or remove on your package. For us, we removed the meals and got our package for only 1,400 Php each! So it is very wise if one of you knows how to cook or you have brought food with you. However, you MUST provide an allowance to try their Scallops! Very fresh and they have so many ways to cook it that will surely tickle your taste buds!
Their livelihood in the Island is scallops, so you can get this delightful menu at a very cheap price! Don't miss the chance of trying their fresh catch of the day! :)
On our first day, after we settled our self in the Inn, we kicked off our Itinerary with the light house of Barangay Asluman. Here you'll find the ruins of the old light house and climb the top of the new light house. A perfect place to watch the sunset!
The nex day, we started our Island hoping adventure early morning at 7am!

Sand Bar Island
Fist stop is the Sand Bar Island! I was fascinated by the idea that we have the whole Island for ourselves! 
Crystal Clear waters! You can even see your shadows having fun in the calm waters.

Cabugao Island
The next Island is probably a social media sensation!
Very beautiful island, one should not miss!

Antonias Island
Our Third destination is Antonia's Island. This is were all travelers/tourist take their lunch. A small store may be found in the island for you to buy refreshments and some snacks.

Isla ng Tang-ke
Last but not the least is the palawan like island, A salt-water lake surrounded by gigantic rock formations!
A breathtaking wonder of nature! Very tranquil, relaxing, and a spectacular sight. I really enjoyed floating along the lake while feasting my eyes with the majestic rock formations. We also got a little adventurous by jumping off a cliff! Such adrenaline completed our Gigantes getaway!
But our adventure doesn't end there...
Back at barangay asluman, we trekked into a cave a few minutes away from the community.
We took the exit path on the top of the mountain which is very challenging because you have to go through dark paths and small holes. Good thing none of us is claustrophobic and everyone is up for adventure! 
The route was exciting but I must admit its not all easy. You'll have to exert muscles and be careful with you steps. After we went out of the cave, we trekked down from the peak of the mountain.
We explored the jungle and got a very good birds-eye view of the whole island! Which also concludes our adventure in Gigantes. We stayed in Barangay Asluman for the 2nd night since the boat going back to estancia port only sails once every morning. 

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