Bucari Pine Tree Forest

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Bucari Pine Forest is a campsite located at Sitio Tabionan, Leon, Panay Island. Unlike Baguio that's pretty congested with tourist, Bucari is the Best alternative for Nature Enthusiats!
Unspoiled, peaceful, and relaxing are only few words to describe this place. It is a cool escape from the city and for you to witness the magnificence of nature from a birds-eye view. Trekking to the top might be exhausting but it is all worth it!

In order to get here, one can ride a public van or jeepney at Jaro Public Market, Ilo Ilo that garage ever 30 minutes to 1 hour Tell the conductor that you are heading towards the town of Leon so he can assist you. The fare is about 40 Php coming from Ilo Ilo City.
Upon arrival in Leon, you may hire either a tricycle, motorcycle, or jeepney to drive you up the campsite of Bucari. It is quite a bumpy ride since the road getting there is under progress. Given a few years, it will be much easier for commuters to go here. The fare on the other hand will depend on your bargaining skill but try to put it in a range of 100-200 pesos.
Bucari is a community effort done 50 years ago when the people started planting pine trees for our generation to enjoy. What I like about here, is that the people are very friendly and they have a deep sense of community. Clean and Healthy Nature is evident in the area so be responsible enough to keep it that way. Bucari is very ideal to do camping, community or team building, a casual family or barkada outing, or just a spontaneous get away from the buzzing city life.
One can explore the amazing Pine Tree forest and trek down to Combong waterfalls for 2-3 hours (depending on your phase). It took us quite a little bit longer due to picture takings! Every scenery is picture perfect! Amazing nature! Surely, you'll be amazed by the view along your journey!
Mountain clearly at sight, breathtaking, and awe-inspiring!
Few more hours you'll arrived at this ice-cold waterfalls!

Combong Falls 
An 8-feet deep waterfall for you to jump!
After enjoying the falls, you may have the option to trek back to the camp but if you're tired enough to do so, you may also hire a habal-habal to bring you back to the camp.
Ever wonder about those daredevil posts on the edge of the mountain? Check out the peak of Bucari, just about 20 minutes hike from the camp and you'll arrive at this breathtaking place. You'll enjoy having photo shoots here playing around with the scenic view and all the stuff you can do!

For reservations and further information about Bucari and its amenities, contact:

Camp Manager

09367464742 (Globe)
09497025758 (Smart)

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