Bangkok, Midyear-cation!

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- The backpackers hub of asia -

Glorious temples celebrating the rich history of Asia and the contribution of the people of Thailand to civilization is the very image of Bangkok. Aside from being the capital city of thailand, it is the center of cultural heritage and entertainment that continuously attracts tourist all over the world!

Marvelous Monuments, awe-inspiring temples, vast options in entertainment and recreation, and not to mention their remarkable cuisines are just some of the reasons why you'll easily fall in love with the city!

Getting around the city can be convenient by riding a Taxi, Train, a Boat, the famous Tuk-tuk (a motorcyle-vehicle), or the conventional leisure Walking. 

Average fare for a tuktuk will be 15 - 100 baht depending on the distance and of course your bargaining capabilities when you book them for a tour. I suggest you ask your inn or hotel receptionist to transact for you especially if you're not good with their local language.
Be cautious when riding a tuk tuk tho. They're quite infamous in scamming tourist by taking you on side trips with associated retail and sovenier shops. We'd experience this first hand where we had more side trips to those stores, although it may not be so bad but if one is not careful you'll be spending your fortune on things you didn't plan on buying and might regret wasting time instead of spending it on place you really intend to go. 

Usual spiel of these drivers are like, they will tour you around first because the other temples are still close like the grand palace is close due to a certain event and will open like 4 or 5pm - but the grand palace is open the whole day! And usually closes at 5! (Luckily we notice the driver is diverting us into these scam so we insisted to bring us to grand palace)

Temple Run in Bangkok

Temples sprouts like trees in bangkok! You can see them almost everywhere especially within the proximity of democracy monument. Most temples are free for you to visit and appreciate, just mind the temple hours like 8:00am-5:30pm.

The Grand Palace
- home to the royal King -

Your visit to Bangkok wouldn't be complete without visiting this one! The main attraction in the area, you could screw any other temples but not this one. Representing Thailand's rich cultural heritage, you'll be in awe by its grandeur, intricate details, and top-notch architecture! 

Entrance at the Grand palace is 500 baht, this is a full day tour for your to enjoy picture taking and appreciating all the temples inside. As a Visitor of the land, one have to pay respect to their culture and rules though. This is a sacred site and there's a strict dress code if you want to visit. 
*NO SLEEVELESS for both Men and Women
*All Men should wear Long Pants
*All Women should wear modest dress not exposing too much skin
*NO wearing of Flipflops/Sleepers, One should wear proper shoes or sandals(for ladies) with socks.
*If one appear to the gate not properly attired, you can get a covering near the entrance you just have place a deposit

- Exquisite temple details

Delicacies on the streets 

I really love Thai food! Very rich in flavor and I love how some of its dish resembles that of our dishes in the Philippines. Such as meals with egg ingredient, barbecues, fried rice, rice wraps, and Mango dessert! - Not that typical spicy Asian meal.

Pad Thai

Probably the most famous of Thai cuisines is this indulging noodle that you could see almost everywhere! whether it may be on a fancy restaurant or from a humble street stall, this dish is surely a delight on your taste buds! It often comes with shrimps, eggs, bean sprouts, and chopped roast peanuts!  
Padthai with egg wrap ~

Street BBQ

Like any Asian countries, thailand is also fond with barbecues and exotic food! you can find this along the streets of khao san (a famous night life district of bangkok) along with other street food like grasshoppers, frog legs, and scorpions on sticks! For people of strange appetite, Enjoy! 
Mango and Sticky Rice

Another Must-try Thai food is their mango with sticky rice! A delicious blend of meal with vanilla ice cream! Being a Mango lover this is a true delight!

Exploring Bangkok

Aside from its cuisine and temples, bangkok boast itself as the shopping district of Southeast Asia. Truly this is were you can get your fashion at the very best price!

Don't forget to include the weekend on your visit in bangkok! For all the fashionistas out there, you wouldn't wanna miss the weekend market at Chatuchak! Open only during weekends, Chatuchak is a place where veteran shoppers of the world get their stuffs at the best bargain price!
Once a popular place only for wholesalers, now it is a must-visit for tourist as well! There are thousands of shops and stalls in these area that will surely drive you to shop like crazy! 
Things to consider upon shopping: 
(1) Make sure you wear comfortable clothes because it could get really warm inside the market, you don't wanna shop in sweat do you? (2) Be cautious with your things and valuables, it is a public market in the first place. (3) Learn how to bargain! You could save a good deal of dollars here.

Other options in shopping are the malls in the city such as central world, Siam paragon, terminal 21, and many others.

My personal favorite is terminal 21. A themed mall that designed each level as you were entering a new country, depicting the character of such country in every corner of that floor and that even includes the toilet!

In the dark of night, that is where the bright streets of Khaosan road come to life! known for its night life reputation, here you'll find bars, bands, beer, restaurants, other entertainments and activities such as spa and foot massages on every corner!

Streets of Khaosan, on our way to get drunk!

Day and Night, Weekday or Weekend - Bangkok surely amaze, delight, and entertain people!

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